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I am pleased to write this felicitation message to the re-designed, web site of the Ministry of Civil Aviation. Firstly I wish to welcome and appreciate the efforts of my Ministry staff for launching the new website, which I consider essential for an institution like us which handles a very sophisticated and a dynamic subject like civil aviation. The internet, web, e-mail etc. from the present electronic era has turned a new chapter in information flow. Gone are the days of paper work, with heaps of paper work and files filing cabinets and office space. We are in the environmentally friendly ‘paperless’ era now, where even the information flow in the cock-pit of a modern aeroplane has become paperless.
Aviation has become the most flavored, most efficient, the quickest and the safest mode of global transportation today. Aviation is a multibillion dollar industry today which employs millions of people around the world. Nevertheless it has never been too easy for the aviation industry to survive and sustain during the past few years. The aviation industry in our country has been managed under a gloomy global aviation scenario. But I am glad to say that, our aviation industry has had the courage to withstand the pressures and the negatives and resisted any collapses.
Aviation of Sri Lanka today is growing rapidly, sharing the synergies, especially with tourism. Removal of the emergency status of the country will have a definite and positive impact on our aviation industry. The new business plan of the SriLankan Airlines which lay greater emphasize on re-fleeting the airline, the emerging successful business model of Mihin Lanka, the modernization programmes of the BIA, construction of the second international airport in Mattala and the envisaged investment opportunities it offers, development planning of the domestic airports and most of all the commitment and the enthusiasm shown by all stake holders of the industry should take us to a prominent place in the world aviation map. The Aviation Policy developed by the Ministry of Civil Aviation has all the necessary key elements to guide the aviation sector in the right direction and integrate the contributions of the players. The combined effort of everyone, no doubt will make His Excellency the President Mahinda Rajapakse’s Future Vision for Sri Lanka, an Aviation Hub a blossoming reality. As the Minister in charge of the subject of civil aviation of the country I am convinced that Sri Lanka becomes the safest, friendliest, most efficient and most attractive aviation destination not only of Asia but also of the globe.
Piyankara Jayaratne
Hon. Minister of Civil Aviation